The revolution of myself

Was being to revolt any order from my families which I don't like to.

Since the day I got my unsatisfactory result from sem2, I have decided to flunk my study,by the way

I was struggling for a time as I have to retake those subject,which I got it failed 

Sister was telling me that "you have to work if you were to flunk your study"

Well,it's not exactly mean "FLUNK"

It means to switch course

Sister was encouraging me to continue  rathan than give it up

She renoted that she will only defray the rest of the fees and the retake fees as well

Yet,she wouldn't take the responsibility of my study if I let it go

I have a very clear mind that if I really to give up my study

I would got no any certificate to pursue my work in future

So,I'd in my half-way

Still,I have my very last and only chance to light up my future

It's not the time to think the negative things

The only thing to do is "Do Whatever Is Necessary"


By the way,It's success or not

It still remains a questionnaire until the result out.


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