Recognize that WE are totally and completely in a different world



(The view of my perspective)


It never be a fault if you have your own mindset to view any thing that you think it is right

If you are having a difficulty to compromising me

Then why would you to suffer yourself to be with me when you start notice it




Yes,I had failed to keep an appointment even that is planned before the second one happened

Yes,It is really ridiculous to date and ask you out whenever I wish

It's my fault to make you feel so embarass and torment 

Yet,this is the only way I can hang out with my friends,even you

While I completely get a permission from my family after I got done something satisfied 

I ain't act like you

Can easily get your parents' permission to hang out

If they told you not to do so,you can even mad at them

I couldn't

Do you really think about it how hard I could "escape" from home and be with you

You said you would understand the education of my families' rules

If you do,then where are those complaints come from and what they stand for?



I told myself to be patient in compromising you when we got crash with different kind of views

Even you throw your temper at me


And yeah,it's not a issue for me to endure it

When the things that over certain stage of interaction

It's pointless for me to compromise without express a word

You even debate and argue with me said that is nothing between it (Certain Private Stuffs) 

Have you concern about it:

"Whatever means nothing for you,doesn't mean it is in the same way for me"

IF the story end up without knowing a single thing from you

Should I think regularly about

"Am I such a failure in love?"



There's always a fact and a truth that remind us

"We are kid, young, immature and even worst

We both are unaffordable for every thing and anything,especially in promises"



Can you please give me a concern about my feeling?



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