I used to have a tendency to express what I have experienced throughout my whole life times

I share things and I care the things that happpened around me

However, when you start consider sharing is whether a good thing or bad one

It sometimes does to depress oneself with the negative though


 It's seriously hard for you to change when it gradually becomes a habit that you used to it

You wanted to change but you can never change

And later on, you come out with the quota which is

"Nothing is impossible"

Since you are to start convince yourself and making sense with it, you then will never feel hard to change after all

This thing called willingness to change



Life is a reflection of a choice that you have ever make

You want a different life

Then do make a different choice



*Started to belief in

A person should have a faith in order to motivate oneself to go further 

Also, there's always a HOPE with a reason for every of your decision-making


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